• James Movers

    James Movers is a Family company that goes above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure a positive and successful move is the final outcome.

  • When a piano needs to be moved it is best to get a referral. Our business was built on them and it is still our biggest source of business. Ask a friend, neighbour or a piano technician, there is a very good chance our name will come up.

  • James Movers has had specialized equipment for piano moving since day one. From ramps, dollies, skids, tailgates and trucks we have what it takes to move your piano safely.

  • James Movers is the piano mover of choice for the musical institutions of Victoria, piano stores and piano technicians. We are well rehearsed at what we do and would be happy to serve you.

  • Our employees are clean and courteous. We have had many years working together. This has grown to a great work environment that is a positive asset on any move.

  • James Movers is dedicated to getting the job done properly and on time. You can count on us to help you through your move, whatever your needs, we can help.